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One great advantage of making knives for the movies, is that occasionally you get the chance to make your dream knife! Of course as a boy, the one knife we all went gaga over was the famous “Bowie”. It is the most recognizable knife in the world. However, what really fascinated me was the knife before the famous “Bowie”… known today as the “bowie pattern” knives. 

They originated in the Southwest, and were inspired by the Mexican machete. The farmers, mountain men, and settlers loved the long all-purpose machete, but wanted something a bit more sturdy, and more “handy”… something they could wear in a sheath on their belt without tripping over it! Thus the “bowie pattern” blades were created. They were, of course, hand forged, but with a thicker steel than the machete. These knives were used for every kind of hard labor, from bear hunting to skinning, to canoe making and bark stripping and clearing huge parcels of land for farm and home, to a deadly self-defense weapon. The latter use came in handy when these same brave and tough men volunteered for the famous siege of the “Alamo”. They cast aside any of the military issued blades for their own. They were so effective that the blacksmiths and knife makers of the time began to create their own versions. 

These are the versions that Jim Bowie saw and loved so much, that he made his own style that has now become legendary. His is a smaller, more compact knife than the “pattern” knives. No one before had made the authentic original “bowie pattern” knives, and it was something I always wanted to try. However it is a very time consuming, and down right “grueling” knife to create, especially in giving it as authentic a hammered-forge look as possible. Therefore when I was approached to make these original knives by the makers of “The Alamo”, I jumped at the chance. The knives were used in the movie by the “regulars” and can be seen throughout the film. I also spent a great deal of time finding just the right kind of steel, and in creating the mold for the faux-stag handles. These knives are tough enough to still be used “in the field”, or proudly displayed with your custom stand, or optional custom sheath. The knives were so unique that I was honored when the bible of knife magazines, “Knife Illustrated”, asked if they could put my Alamo knife on their cover! (see article). 

Once the job was complete I realized I had finally created my dream knife. I rarely create limited editions, but this knife came out so successfully to my original design that I decided to offer 13 knives… based on the “13 Days of Glory” that those brave men fought to the death to hold the fort. What with brave men and women continuing to defend our country to this day, this limited edition took on an even greater emotional force for me. 

Each knife will not only be numbered, but will be named after each specific day of the 13, along with a description of what transpired on that day (see “13 Days Of Glory”). As mentioned, once the limited editions are sold out, the mold for the handle will also be destroyed. The knives will be hand-made-to-order, so please allow six to eight weeks for delivery. This is perhaps the most dramatic knife I’ve created, and I’m proud to offer it to the most serious of knife enthusiasts and collectors out there! . 

                                                          ©2004 Chuck Stapel

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