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The Siege of the Alamo

February 23, 1836

General's Santa Anna troops move into San Antonio. Colonel Travis and garrison move into Alamo. Two scouts (Sutherland and Smith) are sent to Gonzales with appeal for assistance. Santa Anna demands for surrender.  Travis answers with a 18-pounder shot.

February 24, 1836

Colonel Bowie, ill, turns full command over to Travis. Mexican batteries begin bombardment of Alamo. Travis writes his "To The People of Texas & all Americans in the world"

February 25, 1836

Artillery bombardment continues. Mexican batteries are planted across the river about 300 yards from Alamo. Travis sends an appeal to Sam Houston. ("Give me help, oh my Country").

February 26, 1836

Texans make a raid on La Villita, burning several homes which have afforded the Mexican cover.

February 27, 1836

Bombardment continues. Cold winds from the north bring temperature down to 39 degrees.
Travis sends Bonham to seek help from Colonel Fannin in Goliad.

February 28, 1836

Little rest, little food for garrison. New Mexican battery placed about 800 yards to north. Santa Anna's tactics of harassment having effect on Alamo defenders.

February 29, 1836

Weather improves to 55 degrees. Santa Anna moves his troops closer.

March 1, 1836

Thirty-two men arrive from Gonzales to reinforce The Alamo.

March 2, 1836

Convention held in Washington-on-the-Brazos declares Texas an Independent Republic.
Unaware men in Alamo remain under heavy Mexican bombardment.

March 3, 1836

James Bonham returns on his attempt to secure reinforcements. Bombardment continues.
Travis sends out his last known letters.

March 4, 1836

Mexicans advance their batteries about 200 yards of the Alamo's north wall. General Santa Anna holds a council of war and lays out his plans for taking The Alamo by storm.

March 5, 1836

Colonel Travis assembles men in plaza of Alamo and tells them there is no hope of help.
He draws line on ground with sword to be crossed by all who will stand and fight.
All cross line but Moses Rose, who escapes over the wall.

March 6, 1836

Day 13! At 1:00 am Mexican troops (1,400 men) move towards positions. At 5:00 am Santa Anna gives signal : Mexican bugler sounds Deguello, four columns of the Mexican army advance on Alamo.
Texans repulse twice the invaders with desperate, intense fighting. Heavy Mexican casualties (nearly 600 killed or wounded).
Battle rages through The Alamo.
6:30 am : Last firing over. The Alamo has fallen...

In the words of General Vincente Filisola, "... by grapeshot, musketshot and the bayonet, they were all killed at last."

Remember The Alamo !

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