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One of my great friends and loyal collector of my knives is the legendary writer-director John Milius ("Dirty Harry", "Magnum Force" -- where he wrote the classic line: "Go ahead… make my day!" --, "Apocalypse Now", etc.). We see each other mostly at charity shoots, and at the annual celebrity "beast feast" where outdoorsmen (of which John is the king), bring their "catch" of fish and game, to be cooked and devoured "Henry the 8th" style. John is part Hemmingway, part Teddy Roosevelt, and part John Huston, with more than a little "General Patton" thrown in for good measure. 

My all time favorite movie of his is "The Wind and the Lion", the movie (some say a true story), of the abducting of an American woman and her children in Morocco by the Berbers in the early 20th Century, which almost single handled started a full scale war! Of course everyone remembers Sean Connery and Candice Bergen's fireworks together! I was honored to have made special knives for the movie, per John's request, and it allowed me to use some amazing Damascus steels and unusual forms and shapes from the period. Alas, the knives went back to the studio, or into private collections of various cast and crew. Since then, I've always wanted to make a special knife that would both represent the power and adventure of the wind-swept desert, and that of larger-than-life Milius himself… and when I discovered this amazingly naturally shaped rare piece of stag horn from India, the idea of a "windswept" knife came to me. Thus, I've made another very unusual one-of-a-kind… the aptly named "Wind and the Lion", The Damascus is dramatic beyond words, and I shaped it to perfectly balance the sweep of the handle. It's the perfect custom knife for anyone who loves the romance of high adventure, and especially for those die-hard and loyal "Wind And The Lion" fans!

                                                                  Chuck Stapel

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