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Price: $665


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"The Searover?"
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“The Searover"
Overall Length: 9 3/4"
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BLADE 5 3/8"

44-C 3/16th stainless steel, special fillet edging and mirror finish and Sortie Notch.


Finely balanced “peninsula drop” brass guard, infused black spacer, specially hardened walrus fossil ivory, counter-balanced stabilized Oregon maple butt cap.

One great memory of my days as a single “adventurer” was working with the strong-willed and iron-nerved cod fisherman off the Georges Bank in Nova Scotia. And to work on these diesel trawlers is a memory that will stay with me forever.

Especially on the “Searover”, with the MacDonald family. What I learned about hard work, family loyalty and the unmovable strength of one’s “word” has carried me through many a time here in Los Angeles (especially deal with the insane world of “Hollywood”!). For these cod fisherman, their knife was almost an extension of not only their hands, but their souls, and they had to be specially made with perfect balance, strength and hand-ability. I made a special knife for that special fishermen family of Cameron, Roger, John and Savage, when I returned in the middle 1990’s. The cod had almost been fished out, and many a fisherman were on hard times. But the MacDonald’s didn’t miss a beat. Their beloved “Searover” went down in the disastrous hurricanes of 1994, but they had a new trawler, and were busy catching scallops and lobster. The “Searover” is a great knife for both fisherman, (especially for big game fish filleting) and for anyone who loves the beauty of simple lines, and perfect balance, both in their knives… and in their lives.