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Price: $585

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"Pregnant Prospector?"
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“The Pregnant Prospector"
The Mother Lode Series
Overall Length: 10 1/4"
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BLADE 5 1/8"

3/16 Damascus steel purposely left with inclusion for natural beauty. Special Staple “faux edge” on name side with drop point, shaped in “Pregnant Prospector San Francisco Gold Rush”  boot knife style.


Thumb drop brass guard,  India stag horn, Micarta spacer, special “pregnant bulbils” fossilized walrus mid-piece, Micarta spacer, crown wild stag end cap.  

If you read about my “Mother Lode” series, you know that I truly believe I lived in the time of the forty-niners, which is why I’m making this special collection. I have gathered a nice collection of my own of the original knives used during that special time in our history.

Since commercially manufactured tools ended up costing more than.. well, gold… the prospectors who came to find their fortunes were forced in created many of their own tools by hand. This became an art form onto itself. And because thievery was out of control, many a prospector created their own very special “style”, so that they could instantly ID their tools, especially their prized knives, if someone tried to “borrow” it while they slept. One of the most amazing styles I’ve found was known as the “Pregnant Prospector” San Francisco boot knife style. No one knew who the original maker was, but his knives had amazing “bulbit” shapes, which not only immediately identified them, but made for some surprisingly wonderfully balanced knives. So the shapes where both decorative and functional. Some say he got his name, and created his knives, since he was staggeringly fertile, and had left many an “accidentally offspring” among the many camp followers. Other’s think the “fertility” of his knives, were symbolic of the “birth of riches” one would get when they found their mother lode! Either way, it’s a beautiful, unique knife, and it was a joy to create for you!

Order A Chuck Stapel Custom Sheath ($75)

Since the sheath is tailored literally around the shape of the knife, please allow three extra weeks for delivery of both knife and blade. 

Also, let me know in the "Special Instructions" of the order form two custom instructions: whether your "left handed" or "right handed" and whether you want it to be a "pocket sheath", or a "belt sheath". 

(The "pocket sheath" is made without a loop and fits snugly in your pockets or boots, and the "belt sheath" has a leather loop to fit on your belt).

Price for Knife and 
Custom Sheath: $660