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My father was a hero of mine. Besides being an amazing carpenter, he was the one who got me started in knife making as a young boy. A craft he learned while waiting out all those tense days and nights on a ship during World War II. He also taught me the wonders of the outdoors, of an appreciation for the environment, for shooting sports and responsible hunting. It was like there was nothing he couldn't do. However the one thing that always seemed to throw "sand" in the face of some of our adventures was the fact that he was left handed, in a world where most things… guns, tools, knives were made for a right handed world. I remember how he would sometimes struggle working a knife which was balanced for the right hand. The frustration on his face is something that haunts me to this day. Even as a small boy I decided that one day I would create a left handed knife. It's made with the spirit of my father. And since it's such a personal item, I decided to put it in the Savoie-Faire series so that maybe someone out there with a left-handed hero can give them something extra special!

                                                                  Chuck Stapel

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