“The Wench-Ell Jewelry Collection"

Sterling Silver

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Sterling Silver

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Here is the magnificently talented and stunningly beautiful (even from the neck down... or should I say, especially from the neck down) APRIL WINCHELL, modeling her namesake Sterling Silver Wench-ell Dagger Necklace just so you can see how good it will look on you or your loved one! She is also wearing the Stapel Knife"Wench-ell Limited Edition Woman's Bodice Dagger"   which is also for sale for charity. If you'd like to find out more about the dagger, click here: WENCH-ELL DAGGER

 A Generous Portion Of The Sale Of The Limited Edition "Wench-Ell" Jewelry Goes To Project Angel Food

These Sterling Silver earrings and matching necklace (with a Sterling Silver Chain) can be purchased as a set or individually.  They have been designed to match Stapel’s custom daggers by Internationally famous Jewelry designer Deloris Hayes (who is also one of the best woman knife makers in the world, 
if I do say so myself!)

$49 per set

(Includes Sterling Silver Chain)


Earrings and Necklace
(Includes Sterling Silver Chain)  
Sold together as Set



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