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"These past few months, I have been busy creating knives for my SPORTSMAN'S SERIES. They are deceiving difficult, since I want to continue to give them my custom one-of-a-kind style, yet make them so functional that you'll take them out in the field and put them to work! When I came across several pieces of an amazing Indian stag bone, I realized I had found the right materials for several knives in this style. My very first knife as a boy, that my father gave me was in the classic "Expedition" slab-handled three pin style, as were most knives made in those days. 

I realized I had not made a knife in this collection with that wonderful incredibly strong and functional, yet nostalgic style, so I got to work to make several knives from the stag. It feels so good to the touch, with an incredible balance and feeling of security what with its natural non-slip grooves! The almost glowing brilliance of this "white" bone made me think of the song my father used to sing about the "hunter's morning" and the "hunter's night". "The hunter at morning listens for the sounds of God's warnings, and the hunter at night sleeps with the sounds of God's flight". I've always loved that song, and felt the amazing "Nightflame" colors on the bone really stuck a cord for the "night" portion of the song! 

I worked the steel also to give it a very subtle bluing… like the feeling of night "sneaking up" on us. Since to me, at night, with the idea of one sleeping out in the wilderness listening to "God's sounds of flight", one wouldn't need a "tang", since they would keep their knife close to them. As I said in my story about the "Hunter's Morning", what I love about the song and what this knife represents… the joy of everything in life… even the quiet solitude and private reflection of sleep is something to be celebrated. Life must be lived not with one's head in the sand… but held high… without fear… seeing every moment, even those that give one an unintended "sucker punch"… as part of the grand experience of being on this Earth. Living, I've always felt is not a right… but a magnificent glorious privilege! "

                                                                  ©2002 Chuck Stapel

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Order A Chuck Stapel Custom Sheath

Since the sheath is tailored literally around the shape of the knife, please allow three extra weeks for delivery of both knife and blade. 

Also, let me know in the "Special Instructions" of the order form two custom instructions: whether your "left handed" or "right handed" and whether you want it to be a "pocket sheath", or a "belt sheath". 

(The "pocket sheath" is made without a loop and fits snugly in your pockets or boots, and the "belt sheath" has a leather loop to fit on your belt).

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Custom Sheath:



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