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Between Heaven and Hell
Overall Length: 8 5/8"

BLADE 4 1/4"

Made of extra special "Particulièrement Choisi" duel plated Damascus Steel by Jim Ferguson. Custom Sortie Notch preceding the overextended hilt. Traditional fighting-dagger "Full Moon" style brass guard.


Made of Naturally Harvested Water Buffalo horn with "wild stresses" purposely left in surface. Second layer is Fossilized walrus tusk (specially polished for effect or so you can custom scrimshaw it). 

A "Warrior Wrap" is added behind guard made of specially treated ultralite nylon thread coated with specially formulated epoxy for extra strength.


Traditional boot-shroud dagger design with "Bravo-style" trilateral point. Natural cowhide with infused black "bluing" process. Sheath is also "Warrior Wrapped" with matching (as on the dagger) ultralite nylon for strength and artistic balance.

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