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Many of my knives are made as works of art that are also functional, and others, especially in my "Sportsmen Series" are functional, that is, made specifically to be "used in the field", but are also works of art. But this is the first time I've created a knife purely for the art. A flight of fantasy, if you will. I also sculpt, and many of my works are shown in galleries in Los Angeles, Nashville and Maui. But I've always wanted to make a knife that was in itself purely a work of art. That's how this "Flight of Fantasy" came about. When I found the very unusual deer point, the idea of creating a knife in the famous "Mirada fija del dios" (God's Gaze) style that was popular in 15th Century Spain as ornamental daggers came to mind. It is also the first in my new "Savoie-Faire Series" of specially priced knives. This one is a rare gem, since I'll never know when the pure artistic "muse" will hit me to make a knife of pure sculpture again!

                                                                  Chuck Stapel

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