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Want a Custom Sheath for your 
Deer Hunter?
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 "The Deer Hunter"


Overall Length 8 1/2 Inches


BLADE (3 7/8 Inches)

Specially heat-treated ANTIQUE DAMASCUS "Skinner" drop underpoint with overextended hilt for balance. 
. *.


Tamped and sprigged modified "Tear Drop" antique polished brass guard, black Micarta spacer pressed with stabilized American Walnut. Secondary black Micarta spacer form-fitted into Naturally Harvested Missouri Ozarks Wild Mountain Deer Bone.

Note: Special stressing has been applied to the entire knife to give it an authentic "Mossback" finish.


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Order A Chuck Stapel Custom Sheath

If you'd like to take this special knife off its custom stand once in a while (hopefully just for show!), I can make a custom leather sheath. 

Since the sheath is tailored literally around the shape of the knife, please allow three extra weeks for delivery of both knife and blade. 

Also, let me know in the "Special Instructions" of the order form two custom instructions: whether your "left handed" or "right handed" and whether you want it to be a "pocket sheath", or a "belt sheath". 

(The "pocket sheath" is made without a loop and fits snugly in your pockets or boots, and the "belt sheath" has a leather loop to fit on your belt).

Price for Knife and Custom Sheath
(stand included):


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