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BON VIVANT Collection

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Custom one-of-a-kind personalized cutlery for the person devoted to and demanding nothing less than the utmost in  a totally sensual eating experience!





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I gotta say it outright and without worry of how this sounds. But there is NOTHING on earth like eating great food (or even a plate of chicken and waffles), with the Bon Vivant collection. I can say that without worrying that my head will explode since even I was totally amazed at the experience the first time I tried out my design.

For years, when I'd go out to eat either at a restaurant or at someone's house, I'd always find myself grumbling under my breath since the meat was always wonderful, but the knives were like something they put in a "Happy Meal".

I enjoy food… I'm a meat eater and proud of it… but I always felt my carnivorous eating experience was somehow short-changed by not having the proper "tools". I thought of pulling out one of my own knives to cut away, but thought it was somehow rude or trailer park low-class to whip out one of my blades and start slicing away.

So one day I decided that if I created a knife and fork set that was so unique, unusual in design, and perfectly balanced and functional, and I put it in a beautiful jeweled custom case… I could pull out the case, take out the "works of art", and eat with class. People would be so taken aback by this VERY unique approach to eating, that they could only see me as eccentric, rather than someone who reads the Globe and believes every word.

Thus the Bon Vivant collection was born. Designing the actual knife and fork took a lot of time. I wanted them to look striking, yet be completely functional. But more than that, I wanted them to work so well, and be so balanced… the knife cutting so perfectly and with such ease, and the fork feeling so good against your lips and tongue, that when people saw me using them, I could offer them a set of their own, and after they too experienced them, would understand why I carried my own personal cutlery!

The main purpose at first was so that I could have a great time eating my favorite foods. But then it became an obsession to perfect the feel and the balance. I realized that each knife and fork would have to be specially balanced to fit whatever materials I decided to use for the handles. It took a great deal of time… but WOW was it worth it.

So now… I've made a few more sets for sale. I'll make some additional sets from time to time, as I do with my Buffalo Bonsai set, as the mood hits me, and when I find the right materials to compliment the steel. There is a very limited amount that I can make for very special corporate gifts (see the Corporate gift section), but for now… here's what I've made and put up for sale. These take more time to form and balance than anything else I make… but believe me it's worth it. Not only for the enjoyment your meal will suddenly take on… but for the looks of amazement you will get when you pull out your own carrying case and start to dine to your heart's content!!
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