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Gliding_Angel_small.jpg (3306 bytes)“As you’ve noticed in the description, I have tried as much as possible to let this special knife remain in a state of natural beauty. The purpose for this was to try and retain the shape of the natural fossilized walrus tusk in the form I found it on the island of Kodiak. I had gone to the island specifically to look for fossilized walrus and prehistoric Mastodon ivory, but also to get away and think things out, since I had just lost a dear friend and mentor.

I searched for two days, and couldn’t find anything useful. Just as I was about to pack up and go back home, I literally stumbled onto this piece of fossilized tusk.  I was immediately taken by how much it reminded me of the wing of an angel. The whole design for this knife came to me at that moment. But something even more remarkable happened a few minutes later when I was carefully putting it into my backpack. I looked up in the clear sky (something rather rare for that part of the world!) when I noticed a cloud passing by.

As it spread across the sky, I swear it formed into a shape that was virtually the same as the tusk I had just picked up! I had to wonder if both of these discoveries -- at a time when my memories seemed to be overwhelmed by my late friend -- could be coincidence… or something more. I did feel a sense of peace after that, and bittersweet kind of closure from all that mourning… and thus, THE GLIDING ANGEL knife was born!...

                                                                  2001 Chuck Stapel

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