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Bowie Bear

bowie_bear_sm.jpg (3018 bytes)"Last Summer, I was in Three Saints Bay, on southeastern Kodiak Island in Alaska, searching for fossilized walrus and prehistoric Mastodon ivory, when I was suddenly confronted by a family of native Kodiak bears! I was only fifteen feet away from them. For some reason they ignored me, and proceeded to catch fish, eat, play in the sun, and enjoy each other for hours.

An amazing bond developed between us, which I can still feel to this day. It’s as if their spirit and energy entered me and has never left (though I must admit, I’m terrible at catching fish with my teeth!). The experience was so overwhelming that I decided to make a special knife to celebrate their majestic spirit and soul, and wanted to convey both the beauty of the beast and the magic of that moment with this knife.”

                                                          2001 Chuck Stapel

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